How to LOVE through pandemics.

This class is not able to meet because of our present COVID policies.  This course will soon be available on-demand.

The pandemic has been tough on us.  We're weary, and every day seems crazier.  

Let's "one-another."  Dozen's of New Testament passages call us to loving living:  "Be devoted, honor, build up, serve, bear with, submit to one-another."

It's a church-wide study for all ages.  Kids, Jr. High/Middle School and and adults.  Let's get our families talking about it.  


Study the Scriptures with others!

Here's how it works:

  1. Click and view each week's Scripture overview video. You will receive links after you register, below.
  2. Spend time daily reading and considering each week's Scripture passage.  Let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart.
  3. Participate in a weekly Zoom group for conversation with others about each week's study.  Great, real-time fellowship and encouragement.

Here are times for available Zoom groups:

  • Men's BSF.  MONDAYS, 6:30 PM.
  • School-aged children.  MONDAYS, 6:30 PM.
  • Women's BSF.  TUESDAYS, 9 AM & 7 PM.

To register:

  1. CLICK HERE to visit BSF's registration website.
  2. Choose "Champaign IL" to discover available groups.  Your browser may automatically find your location.
  3. Choose your preference.  Choose "New Horizon" selections for women's groups.  Choose "First Baptist Church" for men's and children's groups.
  4. Watch for an email.  After registering, you will receive a personal email from a local sponsor with links to videos and groups.

Questions or concerns?  Please contact:

Choose from several voice & video chat rooms for Bible and topical studies, every day of the week:

(Check back often.  We add groups periodically.)

SUNDAYS, 11:15 AM, AfterWords.  A Zoom & voice chat room discussion of each morning's message led by Jim Matthews. CLICK HERE for the Zoom link. Meeting ID: 498 228 950 , Password: 1I9RNO, or dial-in, 217-866-0099.

Hope to meet up in a NH Virtual Group Chat Room!