Our annual men's outreach.  We're growing our faith as we learn to share our faith.  

Travel with Pastor Mark and others.  Our crew has decades of experience helping men overcome their fear of sharing Jesus.  Our proven techniques have enabled countless men lead others to Christ.  Along the way, God helps us become better men, fathers, husbands and leaders.  It's a life-changing experience.


  • Departing New Horizon on Thursday, February 20, 6 PM.
  • Returning to New Horizon on Wednesday, February 26, 11 AM.

Cost:   $200* for accommodations, 2 meals/day & materials. Plan to purchase one meal/day. (*$250 after January 31.)

Information.  Please contact Pastor Mark Jordan, Mark@NewHorizonChurch.org

Registration.  Please click the button below.


Watch, read, share, print and more.  Help recruit and make 2020 a great year at NGL Camp Aurora.

  • VIDEO:  A word from Mark Jordan, NGL Aurora Camp Director

    Welcome to 2020 NGL Camp Aurora!  It's going to be a great year.  God changes our lives as we learn to share Jesus on the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  We'd love to include you!

    CLICK HERE or the picture on the left.

  • VIDEO:  A word from Phil Nelson, NGL Aurora Camp Chaplain

    What might God be up to this year at NGL Camp Aurora?  Here's a preview.

    CLICK HERE or the picture on the left.

  • VIDEO:  A word from Mike Oudyn, NGL Aurora Prayer Leader

    Mike met Jesus at Mardi Gras years ago.  And he's been traveling with NGL ever since.

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  • 2020 NGL Camp Aurora update letter.

    A welcome from Aurora, including updates and what you can expect in 2020.

  • 2020 NGL Camp Aurora brochures.

    Perfect for distributing to your friends at church and at work.  Simply download and print.

  • 2020 NGL Camp Aurora posters.

    Please post at your church, workplace, laundromat, etc.  Simply download and print.