NH, let's pray.

Why pray?

1. Our world needs us. Praying is a way we can serve during the present "stay at home" pandemic.

2. Prayer is anything but doing nothing. We are interfacing with our God as He powerfully moves in our world.

3. We're always better for having prayed. As we conclude prayer, we're different because we've been with God.

During the coronavirus epidemic, please dial in to one or more of our Prayer Chat Rooms.  Pick a day and time that works for you.  Different strokes for different folks.  A great way to check in, name prayer requests, and offer your prayers and amen.

Sessions typically last about 20 minutes.  Please come and go as you are able.

Dial-in during the times below:  217-866-0099No access code is needed.

NOTE:  SUMMER HOURS HAVE BEGIN!  We're praying together on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8 PM.  Drop by for 20 minutes of checking in and praying.  Hope to meet you there.