Voice & Video Study Groups

Let's group up!

We may be under "stay at home" orders, but that doesn't stop us from growing big faith.

"Let's not give up meeting together, but let us encourage one another all the more."

(From Hebrews 10:25)

Friends, if there's ever been a time to gather, encourage and be encouraged, today is the day. Groups connect us with God and friends, and fan our heart-flames.

Choose from several voice & video chat rooms for Bible and topical studies, every day of the week:

SUNDAYS, 11:15 AM, AfterWords.  A Zoom & voice chat room discussion of each morning's message led by Jim Matthews. CLICK HERE for the Zoom link. Meeting ID: 498 228 950 , Password: 1I9RNO, or dial-in, 217-866-0099.

MONDAYS, 1 PM.  Women's Chat Room Study:  "Discovering the Holy Spirit."    A conversational study of Scripture passages about the Person and power of the Holy Spirit, led by Linda Frye.  Dial-in for voice chat room:  217-866-0099.

NEW GROUP!  TUESDAYS, 4:45 PM. Men's Zoom Group.  On Tuesday, May 19, it's a brand new, seven week series to encourage men during the pandemic.  

  • CLICK HERE for the Zoom link: Meeting ID: 511 655 5169 , Password: 1473.
  • Or dial in with your phone:  312-626-6799, Meeting ID: 511 655 5169 , Password: 1473.

TUESDAYS, 7:30 PM.  "Kingdom Parenting."  A great video group conversation about raising kids like God raises us.  Led by Tom Grove, a certified marriage and family counselor.  Please contact Tom for access:  twgrove@comcast.net

WEDNESDAYS, 7 AM & 6:30 PM. "Joy, Even When It's Hard." Discover the amazing book of Philippians with Pastor Mark Jordan. Dial-in for voice chat room: 217-866-0099.

THURSDAYS, 6:30 PM. "Making Sense of the Old Testament: What God's Big Story Means for our Lives." A fantastic video group with Glenn & Kandace Heistand. Please contact Glenn for access: gheistand@aol.com.

Hope to meet up in a NH Virtual Group Chat Room!


Urbana Theological Seminary

UTS is a great place, and professionally taught classes are available to all.  Have a look below for summer courses and contact information.  


We at Urbana Seminary are eager to have you join us this Summer for one of our four course offerings. Due to the ongoing uncertainty and precautions surrounding COVID-19, all classes will be taught online for remote access using Zoom. This is a great opportunity for those of you who have not been able to take a class due to family obligations or distance to join us from the comfort of your own home! 

Our courses, which begin the week of June 1st, are: 

  • The Doctrine of Election; Dr. Todd Daly, 
  • Creation Care and the Gospel; Dr, Peter Spychalla,
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation; Dr. David Green.
  • Ephesians; Chi-ying Wang

More detailed descriptions may be found at www.urbanatheologicalseminary.org

Please contact the Dean of Students, Dr. Melody Green, at mgreen@urbanatheologicalseminary.org for further information or to register for a class.