Establishing Essentials of Faith

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 PM, in-person & dial-in, 217-866-0099.


Life & Health, mind & balance, strength & endurance--all emanate from core fitness.

Developing our "core" is critical for following Jesus as well. We're deliberately determining what we believe about our God and why we believe it.

Be a part of Core: Establishing Essentials of Faith, with Pastor Mark. A 15 week course designed to help us think through, test and grow deep core faith.

We're toning our hearts and minds for God's will and purposes. Excellent for new and seasoned believers, as well as those considering following Jesus.

We hope to see you there.


Wednesdays, 6:30-730 PM, in-person & phone-in, 217-866-0099.

Download materials here

These materials correspond with each week's session, are designed for your reference years into the future.  Please feel free to download, make yourself a notebook, and refer to it as you help others grow their faith.

For those of you dialing-in, please download each week's material prior to our session to follow along.  Please feel free to share with others.

NOTE:  Although each week through our fall 2021 semester is listed below, weekly downloads will become available on the date of each session.  Thanks.


Syllabus.  A hard copy of weekly sessions.

Week 1. This is Our God. (The nature of God)

  • The Trinity
  • God’s attributes
  • The Deity of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Kingdom of God

Week 2. God & Humankind. (The nature of humankind)

  • Creation
  • Imago Dei—dignity, purpose, humility, love
  • God in the Garden—original sin
  • Redemption—salvation, new birth, new creation
  • Grace & mercy—prevenient, justifying, sanctifying

Week 3. Knowing God. (A personal God)

  • Relationship with God—children of God
  • Fellowship with God—humility, repentance
  • Loving God—self and others
  • Assurance—eternity
  • God’s provision

Week 4. God’s Holy Spirit. (God living in us)

  • Filled, baptized, immersed, indwelt
  • Walking in the Spirit—discerning God's will
  • Spiritual gifts

Week 5. Connecting with God. (Intentional interfacing with God)

  • Means of Grace
  • Scripture, the Word
  • Prayer
  • Worship—corporate, preaching, etc.
  • Fellowship with others

Week 6. Receiving from God. (Drawing upon God)

  • Sacraments—baptism, Communion
  • Stewardship
  • Fasting

Week 7. Walking with God. (A worldview & lifestyle)

  • Walking by faith—trust, anticipation, expectation, hope
  • Walking in holiness—obedience, following Jesus’ commands
  • Taking up our cross—dying to self, endurance

Week 8. God’s Healing. (Receiving God’s healing in our lives)

  • Healing hurts and broken hearts
  • Our minds
  • Physical healing
  • Deliverance
  • Praying for healing, receiving healing

Week 9. God & the devil. (Standing against the enemy of our souls)

  • Our minds
  • Our enemy
  • Spiritual armor, weapons & warfare

Week 10. The Mission of God. (Our life purpose)

  • Missio Dei—God-history
  • Christ’s Church—Pentecost, historically, present day
  • The Second Coming
  • Heaven & hell

Week 11. Serving God. (The continuing mission of the Kingdom of God)

  • Mercy missions
  • Serving missions
  • Outreach missions
  • Great Commission

Week 12. Talking about God, pt. 1. (Faith-sharing)

  • Christ’s Commission—Go therefore…, As you go…
  • Offering Christ—Four Spiritual Laws, Roman’s Road, ABC, Do vs. Done, Romans 5:8, Way of the Master

Week 13. Talking about God, pt. 2. (Faith-sharing, continued)

  • An invitation to Christ—If Jesus would…, Sinner’s Prayer, confession of faith, seeking God
  • Dealing with intimidation & fear—courage, boldness, burden, prayer (Mike Oudyn)

Week 14. What about Christ’s Church? (What’s church have to do with it?)

  • The nature of Christ’s church
  • The people/saints of Christ’s church
  • The mission of Christ’s church
  • The presence of Christ’s church (local churches)