We're all about it.

God is still speakingWe listen to His still, small voice in the pages of Scripture on a daily basis.

Let's develop a healthy habit.  Daily Bible reading is lifelong.  Let's determine to make it an essential part of our God-walk.

Below are several daily Bible reading plans.  Several to choose from.  Each successive plan covers more of the Bible and requires more daily reading.

Holy Spirit, please speak to our hearts as we spend time with You in the Scriptures.


Love Letters.  (Fifteen weeks, one chapter per day.)

Read the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) in just 15 weeks. The stories of Jesus, one chapter per day. Each Guide below offers insights and reflections.

Week 1  Week 2 Week 3  Week 4  Week 5  Week 6  Week 7  Week 8  Week 9  Week 10  Week 11  Week 12  Week 13  Week 14  Week 15

NT365.  (One year, five days per week, one chapter per day.)

Read the entire New Testament (Matthew thru Revelation) in one year.  A chapter per day, Monday through Friday. Each Guide contains reflection questions for personal use or with other readers.

Guide 1  Guide 2  Guide 3  Guide 4  Guide 5  Guide 6  Guide 7  Guide 8  Guide 9  Guide 10  Guide 11

 Guide 12  Guide 13

Bible-in-a-Year.  (One year, seven days per week.)

Reading the Bible cover to cover can be a long haul.  But, when we break it down into reasonable chunks, we can accomplish this significant undertaking in about 20 minutes per day. The Guides below offer Old Testaments & New Testament readings for each day of the year. Perhaps this is your year.

Guide 1  Guide 2

5/52 Chronological Bible-in-a-Year.  (One year, five days per week.)

The books of the Old and New Testament are grouped according to their style and content: history, prophets, poetry, etc. With the 5/52 Plan, you will read five days per week, in the Old and New Testament each day, and each Testament will be presented in chronological order.  A great way to watch the progression of the people of God through Biblical history.

5/52 Chronological Bible Guide