God is on the go at NH. Praise Him.  

Hope is reviving. And so is our sense of purpose. NH is here because People Need Jesus.

Welcome to a season of fresh wind, faith and fire.  

We're boldly dreaming of how NH can reach more and more of God’s beloved today and into the future.

And we want to include you.  It’s our pathway forward to pay off NH’s mortgage and catalyze our critical mission of Leading People in a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here’s a Dream With Us summary:

1. NH’s City on a Hill debt reduction campaign is coming to a close. We’re on track to meet our giving commitments by year’s end. Thank God for faithful giving and goals accomplished.

2. NH’s mortgage stands at $1.5 million. We’re rallying our troops to vanquish NH’s debt in the months to come. We’re asking God to help us be a part of the miracle of being debt-free.

3. NH is praying. We’re asking each NH-er to prayerfully seek God about how they might sacrificially contribute to our debt cancelation effort. And for faith to step out and follow God’s lead.

4. NH’s Dream With Us initiative begins August 1. We’re stirring up God’s Spirit in us to dream, vision and seize the opportunities before us in this unique and needful day.

5. SEPTEMBER, 2021, is NH’s “Big Give” month. During September, we’re receiving special and sacrificial gifts to be applied directly to our mortgage principal. Together we’re seeking God and giving with all our hearts to crush NH’s debt and step into God’s big, bold future.

AND PLEASE PRAY DAILY DURING OUR INITIATIVE.  You can CLICK HERE to read, download & print a copy of daily prayer prompts.

Beloved, just imagine the day after debt. Because it’s closer than we might imagine.

Heavenly Father, for the sake of Your Kingdom and those for whom Christ died, we’re asking for a financial miracle. We humbly ask You to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can think, dream or imagine. Please unite our hearts with Yours, pour out Your Spirit, deliver us from debt and free us to bring You greater glory. Amaze us, God. In the matchless Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, amen!