nh & THE umc

The United Methodist Church is presently in tension.  

Hundreds of churches have departed our denomination in recent months out of conscientious objection to the unwillingness of our denomination's leadership unwillingness to uphold our Book of Discipline in matters pertaining to marrying same-sex couples and ordaining those engaged in same-sex sexual relations.

Over the past year, NH's Discernment Team has been prayerfully surveying and studying current events and trajectories in the UMC.  Our Team continues to draw our congregation together for updates, Q&A, conversation, etc.

On January 22, 2023, NH's Discernment Team offered two recommendations to our congregation:

As a result of this process, NH is gathering for a congregational vote on Sunday, March 5, 10:30 AMWe will begin with a time of Scripture, worship and prayer.  We will close our brief worship service at 11 AM and convene a Church Confernce, led by our District Superintendent.

  • Voting on disaffiliation from the UMC.  The official members of our congregation are given the privilege of one vote.  A 2/3rds supermajority is reauired for disaffilation.  If a church member votes "Present," that vote will be counted as a vote against disaffiliation.
  • Voting on affiliation with the GMC.  Provided our membership votes to disaffiliate from the UMC, our church leadership will convene a vote for affiliation with the GMC.  All NH worshippers present are given the privilege of one vote.  A 50% simple majority is required for affiliation with the GMC.

Final approval for disaffiliation is granted by a special, called Annual Conference* vote on May 6.  Upon approval, New Horizon will become affiliated with the GMC.  A process is in place for individual membership transfers to the GMC or another local UMC as desired. (*An Annual Conference is a gathering of all the pastors appointed to the Illionis Great Rivers Conference, and one representatvie per church in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference.  Every participate is given the privilege of one vote.) 

rocess is in place for individual membership transfers to the GMC or another local UMC church as desired.

For your refernce, several links are provided below.  You'll find innumerable videos, blogs, columns and more from churches, pastors and denominational leaders regarding the matters at hand.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these materials and others you may happen across.

We are prayerful for NH's future, and the future of our denomination.  Holy Lord Jesus, we love and thank You for Your church across time and around the world.  Please have NH and the UMC, and direct our paths for Your purposes.  Please walk NH's Discernment Team and congregation through this process and into the future.  Thank You, amen.

DISCERNMENT TEAM MEMBERS.  Please feel free to contact them with questions and concerns.

Glenn Heistand, Administrative Board Chair, gheistand@aol.com

Andy Miller, HR Team Leader, Andymiller8@gmail.com

Gary Denzer, Finance Team Leader, gsdenzer@aol.com

Darin Osman, Trustess Team Leader, h20skee@gmail.com

Patty Altstetter, At-Large, pattya1208@gmail.com

Rachel Einck, At-Large, rleinck@gmail.com

Tony Nichols, At-Large, nichski@gmail.com

John Wierschem, At-Large, jwiersch@illinois.edu

Sara Easter, Church Administer & Treasurer, sara@newhorizonchurch.org

Bobbie Schnitkey, Financial Officer, bobbie@newhorizonchurch.org

Scott Stanifer, Worship Pastor, scott@newhorizonchurch.org

Katie Matthews, Director of Family Ministries, katie@newhorizonchurch.org

Mark Jordan, Lead Pastor, mark@newhorzionchurch.org

RESOURCES.  Click below.  Please make us aware of other resources you feel are helpful.

NH's Discernment Team's letter of Formal Engagement

Official website of the Global Methodist Church

Comparrison chart:  UMC & GMC

IGRC Process on Disaffiliation

UM Fallout:  A Compendium.  A growing collection of current events and resources. 

A Delegate's Reflections of the 2022 North Central Jurisdictional Conference, by Dr. Andy Adams

UMC Disaffiliation: Twelve Observations with Twelve Months Remaining, by Dr. Chris Ritter

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