membership @ NH

NH presently has zero official members.

As NH moved from the United Methodist Church to the Global Methodst Church, our memberships were removed from the UMC in preparation to place membership in the GMC.

The oportunity to officially place our membership at New Horizon Church has arrived.

In November, 2023, as part of our DiscipleSHIFT initiative, we are considering the Marks of Membership at NH.  On December 3, 10 & 17, all will have opportunity to place their membership at NH.  We invite you to do so.

Why membership @ NH?

We're taking seriously God's purpose for Christ's church.  In Jesus' own words, we're to "Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples."  It's the adventure of a lifetime, and it's what membership at NH is all about.

What are the Marks of Memberhsip @ NH?

God's calling to membership at NH means we're purposefully and eagerly growing big faith to serve Jesus.  We do so by intentionally supporting and participating in NH's ministries and practicies, including:

  • Consistent Worship. Daily personal devotions and weekly worship attendance.
  • Active Discipleship. Consistent group involvement as we grow and make disciples.
  • Regular Serving. Giving ourselves to serving roles inside and outside our church.
  • Faithful Stewardship. Joyfully giving our tithes and offerings as disciples of Jesus.

What is NH's Membership Covenant?  

It's a document stipulating NH's membership expectations and commitments.  All who place their membership with NH will complete and submit this document when they join the church.  You can click below to view & download:



Do I have to place my membership at NH to participate?

Certainly not.  We invite you to participate in all of NH's ministris.  (NH's administrative ministries require church membership.) Perhaps God will call you to place your membership at NH at some point in the future.

Below are helpful links for you as you consider official membership at NH.  

Welcome aboard, friends.  Let's make disciples.