Let's pack the house.  We're leveraging for revival by combining our worship services beginning September 25.


Our staff and leadership have a strategy in mind:

  • We want to capitalize on critical mass.  The building is full of energy when we're all together.  We can feel it, and so can our guests.
  • We want to become reacquainted.  We've lost track of one another over the last months.  Let's regather and feel the fellowship.
  • Let's experience God together.  We're asking for a fresh wind of God's Spirit.  One service will let us participate in God-encounters together.

We also have a goal:  "One Service for a Season"

  • We fully expect requiring an additional service once again.  We anticipate God's multiplication as we regroup for revival.
  • We're saving the 9 AM hour for restarting our second service.  In the meantime, we're imagining 9 AM opportunities for groups, etc.
  • To our 9 AM families.  Thank you for your flexibility and faithfulness as we make this bold move.

What about the kids?  We'll be offering our full NH Kids Ministry during the 10:30 AM hour.  Our children will also experience the benefit of being with all their church friends at the same time.

NH, will you please prayerfully lean into this effort with us?  We're here because People Need Jesus.  Let's take full advantage of this opportunity for reaching others.


THANKS, NEW HORIZON.  May God honor our intentions of Leading People in a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ.

churchwide listening session

Sunday, September 18, 4 PM

Let's listen, learn & share our hearts. The United Methodist Church is experiencing great tensions regarding conflicting views of human sexuality.

It involves our denomination & our church. Our Administrative Board asks for your presence as we press into this matter on Sunday, September 18, 4 PM, in the worship area. We ask you to make it a priority to be a part.

Let's make this a matter of prayer, friends. Lord Jesus, please gather and lead Your church.

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