nh's Mission & Motivation

Here's what we do and why.  We hope it resonates with you.

NH’s WHITE-HOT-WHY WHY: "People Need Jesus"

  • People—Everyone, everywhere, all the time, forever.
  • Need—Humanity’s paramount need is reconciliation with God.
  • Jesus—Jesus is God's indispensable provision of grace for every soul.

NH'S MISSION: "Leading People in a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ"

  • Leading People—Actively helping others move towards Jesus.
  • Growing Relationship—Pursuing a maturing relationship with Jesus.
  • Jesus Christ—Determined that Jesus become the center of our lives, church and world.

NH'S STRATEGY:  Worship > Serve> Disciple > Multiply

  • Weekly Worship—Purposefully participating in worship at NH.
  • Regular Serving—Offering our strengths in a serving role at NH.
  • Active Discipling—Earnestly engaging with others to grow our relationship with Jesus.
  • Personally Multiplying—Eagerly involving others in NH’s Strategy for discipling.

NH’s DNA: Inviting, Giving, Engaging, Growing

  • Inviting—Prayerfully inviting, receiving and involving others.
  • Giving—Growing in faithful tithes and generous offerings.
  • Engaging—Connecting with and serving others for the sake of God’s Kingdom.
  • Growing—Growing as individuals and as a church for the Glory of God.