Midweek discipleship with Pastor Mark. WEDNESDAYS, 6:30-7:30 PM. Worship, Bible study and discussion in the direction of our Sunday AM Old Testament message series. In-person and dial-in, 217-866-0099.

April 27:  Sustaining God's Presence.  Exodus 33:7

WE'RE SHARING IN HOLY COMMUNION THIS EVENING.  Please feel free to gather elment at home and join us.

1.  What does “God’s presence” mean to you?  How would you describe your experience of “God on the inside?”  How do you suppose we sense God differently than those who don’t know Jesus?


2.  What have been some of your most memorable experiences of God’s presence?  When has God been exceptionally near?  When has God’s presence been exceptionally strong?  What do you suppose accounted for the experience?


3.  When might you feel distanced from God?  On what occasions?  During what life experiences?  Are you able to determine what might lead to a sense of distance from God?


4.  What are your practices to sustain God’s nearness?  What spiritual disciplines do you find most helpful?  Which are not as helpful?  Which do you presently need to develop further?