We're reading the entire New Testament together in 2023.

It all begins January 2.

Simply read one chapter per day, five days each week.  You'll finish by the end of December, 2023.

Daily Reading Guides are available below.   Each has study and reflection notes as you read.  You use access this webpage for daily readings, or download and print monthly guides.  Guides are also available in the lobby at NN.

Along the way:

  • Partner with a friend for reading and reflection.
  • Read daily posts from the NH NT365 Facebook page
  • Meet with Pastor Mark and others on Wednesday nights for a brief study and group conversation.  Begins January 11.


CLICK HERE to download Simple Reading Guide

Welcome to NT365.  As you read each day:

• What stands out as remarkable, intriguing, or challenging?

• What did you discover that you've never noticed before? What raises questions?

• In what ways do you feel God is speaking to your heart?


Chapter 21

1. Because worship was being hindered by corrupt practices, Jesus cleared the temple (vs.12-13). What practices might be hindering your worship and prayer life and need to be overturned?

2. In vs. 32 Jesus rebukes His listeners for their unbelief, even when they witnessed others repenting. When have you witnessed others confessing and turning from sin? What affect did their repentance have on you?

Chapter 22

1. In vs. 1-3, Jesus compares the Kingdom of Heaven to a king’s wedding feast. Do you sense God’s invitation? How have you responded?

2. In vs. 19-21, we are taught to give earthly rulers what belongs to them, and to give to God the things that belong to God. What belongs to God that you might be withholding?

3. Jesus summarizes God’s Law in two commandments: Love God and neighbor (vs.34-40). In what ways are you growing in these ways?

Chapter 23

1. Jesus warns us about hypocrisy in vs. 1-3. In what ways might your walk not align with your talk?

2. In vs. 5-12, Jesus speaks about those who put their good works on display as a way of boasting. In what ways do you serve God that no one else recognizes?

3. In vs. 23, Jesus admonishes the scribes and the Pharisees for attending to small matters and neglecting larger matters. What is God concerned about that you might not be?

Chapter 24

1. In vs. 3-14, Jesus teaches about the end of the age and the signs of His return. He warns that many will be lead astray and their love will grow cold. What are you doing to insure you are following God’s truth and loving God more and more?

2. Vs. 42-44 calls us to be ready for His return. How would you live differently today if you knew Jesus was returning tomorrow?

Chapter 25

1. Vs.21 are the words every Christ-follower hopes to hear. “Well done, good and faithful servant…” Do you sense God’s affirmation of your daily living? How might God be calling you to live differently?

2. Vs. 34-40 calls us to serve God in serving others. How can you better meet the needs that Jesus names in this passage?


Chapter 26

1. The woman in vs.7 gave generously to Jesus. On the other hand, Judas betrays Jesus 30 pieces of silver (vs.15). When, like the woman, have you given generously? When, like Judas, have your betrayed your faith?

2. On the night of His betrayal and arrest, Jesus went with His disciples to Gethsemane to pray (vs.36), but they fell asleep (vs.40). When have you been most attentive in prayer? When have you been negligent?

3. Jesus courageously seals His fate by claiming to be the Christ, the Son of God (vs.62-65). If you are a Christ-follower, what helps you believe the truth of His declaration?

Chapter 27

1. In vs. 20-23, the chief priests and elders persuade the crowd to turn against Jesus. When has your faith withstood peer pressure? When have you yielded to the crowd?

2. In vs. 46, Jesus cries out the first line of Psalm 22: “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?”. When have you felt like God has forsaken you? Do you believe God forsook Jesus? Do you believe God has ever forsaken you?

Chapter 28

1. Both the angel and Jesus told the women to “go and tell” (vs. 5-10). In what ways have you been obedient o this call?

2. The religious leaders attempted to cover up Jesus’ resurrection (vs.11-15). Why is it important for some to deny Christ? Why is it important that you believe?

3. For centuries, Christ-followers have called vs.18-20 “The Great Commission:” “…Go and make disciples…” How are you involved in helping others know Jesus and grow in their faith?

Mark—The Second of the Four Gospels. The writer, John Mark wrote to Gentiles, especially to those in Rome. His fast-paced narrative is the Gospel of action, and focuses on the miracles of Jesus and the cross. As a teen Mark placed his faith in Christ. He later traveled with the Apostle Paul, and the Apostle Peter was Mark’s mentor and an eye-witness to all Mark recounts. Mark stresses the servanthood and the humanity of the Son of God. Mark proclaims the great power of Christ and His cross.

Chapter 1

1. In vs.16-20, Jesus calls His first disciples and they follow Him immediately. How have you sensed Jesus calling you? How will you respond with your daily living today?

2. Vs.35 teaches us that Jesus took time for solitary prayer. How do you intentionally make time for private prayer?

Chapter 2

1. When the religious leaders ask why Jesus eats with tax collectors and sinners, Jesus replies: “Those who are well have no need of a doctor…” (vs.17). When do you most recognize your need for a Savior?

2. God calls us to take time (“Sabbath”) to rest our hearts, minds and bodies (vs.27-28). When do you do so? When are you negligent?


Chapter 3

1. In vs.4-5, Jesus was angered by those who claimed to be religious, but neglected those in need. What excuses have you used to avoid serving others?

2. In vs. 24-25, Jesus teaches that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” In what ways is your heart “divided” towards God, living for Him at some times and not at others?

3. In vs. 34-35, Jesus calls us His brothers and sisters if we obey God and follow Christ’s teachings. Do you sense you are part of God’s family in the way you live your daily life?

Chapter 4

1. Beginning with vs.1, Jesus teaches “The Parable of the Sower,” one of His most powerful messages. Which “seed” represents the fruitfulness of your faith? What can you do to better prepare the soil of your heart for God’s Word?

2. Wind and waves are no match when Jesus is in the boat (vs.35-41)! When have you sensed Jesus’ control over situations in your life? When have you underestimated His power?

Chapter 5

1. Beginning with vs.1, we read a horrific story demon possession and Jesus’ power over the devil. The story closes with vs.20, and the man who was healed tells everyone about what Jesus has done for him. How can you share your story with others?

2. As a man watches his daughter die, Jesus tells him, “Don’t be afraid, just believe (vs.36). With what issues in your life is Jesus asking you to put aside your fears and believe in Him?

Chapter 6

1. Vs. 1-6 teach that Jesus wasn’t able to do many miracles in His hometown because of their lack of faith. In what areas of your life might your unbelief be hindering God’s work?

2. Jesus sent out His disciples to continue His work (vs.7-13). They obeyed in faith and witnessed God’s mighty acts. When have you trusted Christ and watched God do mighty things?

Chapter 7

1. In vs.8-9, Jesus warns the Pharisees that they have chosen man’s traditions over God’s commandments. How has our culture influenced you in disobeying God?

2. In vs.20-23, Jesus teaches that sin comes from our heart. How has God changed your heart? In what areas does God need to continue His work?


Chapter 8

1. Although the Disciples watched Jesus at work, they still had difficulty understanding and believing (vs.14-21). How are you growing in your faith and understanding? What are some of your present doubts and struggles?

2. Following Jesus means we yield every aspect of our lives to Him (vs.34-38). What areas of your life have your surrendered to Jesus? Which areas do you have yet to surrender?

Chapter 9

1. As the Disciples walked with Jesus, He expected more from them (vs.17-19). In what ways do you feel you are maturing in your faith? In what ways is Jesus calling for more from you now than before? Are you able to follow and obey?

2. In vs.24, a man recognizes both his faith and his unbelief. Like this man, have you asked God to increase your faith? What are examples of your faith growth?

3. In vs.35, Jesus calls us to lead others by serving them. What are examples of when you’ve successfully humbled yourself to care for someone else’s needs? When have you failed to do so?

Chapter 10

1. Jesus words in vs.21-23 are stern: “Go, sell everything you own, and give to the poor…” What sacrifices is God calling you to make for others?

2. Beginning in vs.32-34, Jesus speaks of His death and Resurrection. How does Jesus faith and courage inspire you in the face of a challenge you may be facing presently?

3. Jesus, Lord of all, came as a Servant, and to give His life for us (vs.45). Following the example of Christ, in what ways is God calling you to serve Him and others?

Chapter 11

1. Jesus speaks of God’s house as, “A house of prayer for all nations” (vs.17). How can you be part of inviting and welcoming people from all walks of life to be a part of your church?

2. Because God has forgiven us in Christ, we are able to forgive others (vs.25). When have you forgiven? Are there those you struggle to forgive presently?

Chapter 12

1. Even Jesus’ opponents recognize that Jesus bows to no man, but seeks to obey God in everything (vs.14). When have you obeyed God rather than following the crowd? When have you failed to do so?

2. What would you need to change in your life to live by the Two Greatest Commandments (vs.28-31)?

3. The widow’s offering, though small, was a great sacrifice (vs.41-44). When have you given out of your wealth? When have you given even when you had needs?